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Confused Why You Are Being Told to Live On Base vs. Buying a Home?
Are you confused why you are being told to live on base vs. buying a home? Many of our military families here in Jacksonville, NC are faced with this conflicting situation every day. I hope to give you some insight on the issue. [caption id="attachment_754" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Confused why you are being told to
Burn Your Mortgage!
According to T. Rowe Price financial planner Stuart Ritter, if you are within 10 years of retiring, paying off your house can be a wise move. You will save $24,000 in interest if you have a $100,000 mortgage with 10 years left at 4.5% interest. Erasing a 4.5% interest debt offers a better return than CDs or high quality bonds, says Ritter.
The 15 Year Mortgage
The Motley Fool shared some information regarding 15 year mortgages in the Jacksonville Daily News on 8/16/14. He suggested that before you opt for a 30 year mortgage, learn how much there is to like about 15 year mortgages. Recently the average fixed interest rate for a 15 year mortgage was 3.25%, well below the 4.21% average for a 30 year loan. Let's say you want to borrow $250,000, your monthly payment would be $1224 with a 30 year loan as opposed to $1757 per month with a 15 year loan. Over the course of the 30 year loan, you end up paying $190,641 in interest while the total interest on the 15 year loan would